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Please feel free to browse through our website www.woodengamesonline.com. We supply a wide range of wooden games, puzzles, brain teasers, toys and gifts. All of the products shown on our website are hand made in the northern region of Thailand near the city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is renowned for many types of handicraft which are exported throughout the world.

All of the wooden games and puzzles shown on this website are available both retail and wholesale. If you require wholesale items we suggest that you contact us with your requirements so we can work out the most competitve prices and delivery options for you.

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Wooden board games: This section includes traditional board games including chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, ludo, solitaire, connect four, cribbage and more.  

Wooden puzzles and brain teasers: Spend hours of fun with these wooden brain teaser puzzles, Includes cube, sliding, pagoda, tangram, colour match, pyramid and yasumi puzzles. All will have you scratching your head.  

Wooden string puzzles: One of the most popular type of puzzles and brain teasers we sell are the string puzzles which included heart, ring, hoop, lord of the rings and mouse maze brain teasers to name a few.  

Wooden interlocking puzzles: Another popular section are the interlocking puzzles which look easy enough to complete but just wait until you try. Includes many types of puzzles such as notch, burr box, barrel and pigpen puzzles.  

Wooden amaze puzzles: These puzzles and brain teasers are so names because you will be amazed and won't believe your eyes when you see how the puzzle is completed. Puzzles and brain teasers include secret box, golf ball, marble and wooden nail puzzles.  

Wooden toy puzzles: Toy puzzle types include jigsaw, interlocking and dice puzzles of trucks, trains, animals and more.  

Wooden gift boxes & souveniers: These gift boxes which contain a variety of different brain teasers and puzzles make ideal presents. This section also includes wooden souveniers in the form of calendars and bottle lock brainteasers.


Wooden keyrings: A selection of small keyrings each with a smaller version of a wooden puzzle, includes snake cube, crazy four and lost marble puzzles.


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